Sunmight Ceramic Film 6" 80-800 Multi Hole Disc 50 Discs


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Sunmight 6" Ceramic Film Multi-Hole Vacuum Grip Sanding Discs are engineered with premium ceramic grains and the world best film technology for fast cutting and extra-long life.

Ceramic grains continue to stay sharp as they break down resulting in a much longer working lifetime. The film backing is much more durable and flexible than traditional paper back abrasives which also adds to longer working lifetime and can also be used for dry or wet sanding.

The new multi-hole pattern collects dust more efficiently for a cleaner working environment and allows for attachment to any vacuum pattern grip backup pad (e.g. 6" grip pad with 6-hole, 9-hole, 15-hole, 17-hole and multi-hole patterns).

Excellent choice for automotive, aerospace, marine and wood working applications.

Available in a variety of grits.

Sold 50 discs per box.


  • Faster cuts and consistent finish
  • Ceramic grains stay sharp and lasts longer
  • Delivers outstanding performance with maximum dust extraction
  • Multi-hole pattern allows for attachment to any vacuum pattern grip backup pad

Cuts Faster. Lasts Longer. Cleaner Work Environment.

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Why Film? Film is much more durable than paper and will not tear easily. The high durability provides longer product life and even surface provides outstanding finish. Film is the best choice for dry and wet sanding applications.

Why Sunmight Abrasives? Sunmight Film is made with premium grain, strong resin bond, and special stearated coating. This provides superior performance and life.

Perfect Sanding Surface: With uniform mineral coating on perfectly even surface, film works better than paper. The result is outstanding finish without deep scratch marks. 

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    • 3M Cubitron II
    • Festool Granat
    • Mirka Iridium, Abranet ACE, Q.Silver ACE
    • Norton Blaze
    • Sia siaspeed, siabite
    • VSM Ceramics


    • Grain: Premium Ceramic and Aluminum Oxide Blend
    • Backing: Polyester Film
    • Attachment: Velcro Grip (hook & loop)
    • Bonding Adhesive: Phenolic Resin
    • Coating: Open Coat
    • Grit Range: 80 to 800
    • Size: 6" diameter
    • Quantity: 50 discs per box

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    Size: SUN 76506 CERAMIC GRIT 80

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