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Riot 8 color Kit Black, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Bright Blue, Dark Blue, Green
Riot 23 Color Set including Intercoat & Reducer

All colors not pictured 

4 oz solvent proof plastic airbrush bottles with user friendly twist caps.

There are many solvent based airbrush systems on the market. Many of them work very well.

Here are some things that set Riot apart. 

It was designed and built by a Custom Painter, Robert Messenger. This means he wanted a solution to the key areas any airbrush artist has with typical solvent based systems. 

The cleanness of the colors, they are intermixable to create endless options. When toners are not clean, they will get milky and muddy when you intermix them to create your own one off mixes. These will not do that. 

The smoothness. This means they are pigments that are ground really nicely. That creates an airbrush paint that is extremely smooth, and just flows and builds so well.

None to extremely minimal dry tip, with the toners and how they are mixed, they use the proper solvents to keep this a slower flashing airbrush paint. That means minimal to zero tip dry. You get this when all the PSI is pushing through the airbrush and it forces them to flash more quickly than others. Robert Messenger accounted for this issue, and solved it. 

We also have many options for colors, this makes it easier and faster for you. We have one of the largest selections when it comes to colors for a solvent system.

We will be adding a Flesh Tone & Gray Scale... as well as Munity, our waterbased airbrush system, coming soon.